Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bright Eyed Entrepreneur

My name is Martin Simms, and I’d like to introduce myself to you as one of the co-founders of Bright Eyed Entrepreneurs. Even in the midst of this difficult economy, opportunity abodes for those willing to take risks and work hard to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

BEE Partners (Bright Eyed Entrepreneurs) is a PR/Marketing consulting company comprised of four liked minded students/ emerging entrepreneurs that have established a way to make our own internship/job. We are all 4th year college students that have attained knowledge of a number of business operations and are ready to use them.

In the current economy, we recognize that it can sometimes be difficult to attain the exact job/intern you desire. Often, people settle for a job that they never had any aspiration to do. We truly believe that doing what you are good at and what you love is the key.

In order to be competitive In today’s marketplace, education must be complimented by experience. As we set out as young entrepreneurs building our business we’ve adopted a unique philosophy we believe will help us achieve long-term success. We work at low and sometimes no-cost with struggling companies to assist them with their PR and Marketing campaigns. The companies we help reposition are able to give us college internship credits.

Our approach enables us to dramatically discount our services. By using quick and effective guerrilla marketing techniques we’re able to attract new clients in a difficult marketplace. Although we initially are not making as much money as as our services are worth, our incoming business will generate future profits and customer loyalty that will enable us to thrive as we move forward.

Aside from our business to business Marketing and PR campaigns, we are also currently working on the following projects:

1. Deep Discount Coupon Booklet for Cal Poly Pomona Students (Attached Sample Cover)

2. The Good Life-Simply good food. An affordable quick service restaurant that has a guilt-free menu (Healthy food doesn't have to be expensive)

3. A book from the minds of students written for students about some of the misrepresentations of college, and some concepts and ideas to be aware of that may help a student progress in college and life.

6 Reasons we started this company

-To gain experience, knowledge and skills to be able to start our own large scale firm and innovate the industry with our entrepreneurial mindset

-College internship credits

-Resume Booster (self-starters, Experience)

-Gain experience working with a variety of businesses


-We are energetic young entrepreneurs committed to success

-Help struggling companies to succeed (Help do our part to enhance the economy)

Martin Simms (562)400-0609Partner Bright Eyed Entrepreneurs"Progression is a mindset that relies on thought provocation" WWW.BRIGHTEYEDENTREPRENEURS.COM

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet Mitchell Hislop


Mitchell Hislop refuses to stop hustling. He started his first company the summer before he started college, and since then, has moved around quite a bit. He currently is working at Cool (intl), starting up their interactive marketing agency. In addition to this, he is working on a startup, Beyond Policy, which is in its early stages. He is doing all this while pursuing a double major in political science and marketing, with a minor in communications.

Contact info:
Work: 612-782-8200