Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Annie Mulz

Annie Mulz is an edgy line of tee-shirts designed by the two students, Michael Toney and Matthew Osofisan. They are currently Northeastern University students—Matthew majors in entrepreneurship and Michael is a business major with a big interest in clothing design—who met during their freshmen year. They are selling their stuff on-line and in kiosks they set up around Boston, on Harvard Square and on Newbury Street.

Here’s a link to a great profile on the guys: http://boldfacers.com/index.cfm?page=profile&profile_id=183

And here is some examples of their products: http://anniemulz.bigcartel.com/about-us
Michael himself is an interesting story. He is at Northeastern on a full scholarship, and is a first-generation college student in his family. It’s a great example of a young, bright and determined scholar making a name for himself in Boston.