Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boston University's Real Estate Expert

Boston University junior ALEX HODARA has done something that no other college entrepreneur has previously done. He has pioneered the first full-time college student owned and operated real estate agency.During his freshman and sophomore summer vacations Hodara worked for Century 21's International Headquarters, a company he now consults for. Feeling that the current real estate model was archaic and not addressing the concerns of the Generation Y market he decided to venture on his own.

In 2008, Hodara obtained his broker's license, paid for four of his friends to get their real estate licenses, and launched HODARA REAL ESTATE GROUP. The company was launched with no financial backing aside from the money Hodara had saved from other entrepreneurial adventures when in his teens.

Since opening in January 2009, the company's revenue to date is an impressive six figures with expected growth into 2010. Recently they expanded into a second office that accommodates 12 agents with another 12 expected to be hired this fall.

HODARA REAL ESTATE GROUP currently has thousands of properties listings in the greater Boston area and is in the process of acquiring their first investment property. They hope to expand into other college friendly towns using the same business model.

Hodara's ultimate goal is to provide college students the opportunity to obtain hands-on business and sales experience while attending college. This fall he will open HODARA REAL ESTATE ACADEMY so students can obtain residential and commercial real estate licenses while receiving hand-on training.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Friends Bookstore

Two former students started My Friends Bookstore in their freshmen year to compete with the official Presbyterian College bookstore. They have been very successful. They graduated in May and now run the official Presbyterian College bookstore themselves!

They have learned many valuable lessons, and at the tender age of 23 are successful entrepreneurs. Dana Waters created the business plan for my small bus. mgt. class. Because I am the author of two of Prentice Hall's best-selling small bus/entrepreneurship books, I was able to use the plan that Dana wrote for My Friends Bookstore as the sample plan in the 9th edition of my book. His plan is the sample that students all over the world are using as a guide!

The young men used their plan to land a $15,000 line of credit that was unsecured and had no parental co-signature (and eventually grew to a $50,000 or so line) at a small community bank here in upstate South Carolina, The Palmetto Bank.

Dana Water's e-mail address is:

My Friends Bookstore
112 Musgrove Street
Clinton, SC 29325
864 938 6927

My Friends' Bookstore - Created by students, for students!

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Welcome to My Friend's Bookstore!Students may join from any college, however, we currently only buy and sell books to students of Presbyterian College.This group is for all PC students who are sick of:~The campus bookstore's high prices for books!~The insane prices they charge for clothing, etc.WE WILL BE SELLING TEXTBOOKS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER, WE EVEN HAVE FREE DELIVERY!!!For more information, visit our website!
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Clinton, SC