Friday, August 28, 2009

Laugh Your Way To Happiness

I started Laughtub in May 2009, at the age of 19. I think it’s extremely important to do what you love. Because when you do, you really don’t worry about the money. Since opening, Laughtub has made very little. I know more advertisers will come, with time. But I continue on the journey because I hope to bring laughter and happiness to as many people as possible, which is what Laughtub is all about. Anyway, I think it is equally important to be able to laugh. Laugh at yourself, others, and at pretty much anything. If you can laugh, you can easily get through a day and enjoy nearly every moment of it. So, love what you do, and laugh as often as possible. With those two things, you’ll find success and wealth in more ways than just dollar signs!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Entrepreneur Strategy Form

I'd like to encourage you to login: and download Your Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy form.

This is a very powerful business tool that can provide you with feedback on the relative fit between you and a venture opportunity, by identifying your behaviors, attitudes, management skills, experience, know-how, contacts and leadership tendencies. DC Cordova sends her loving regards and wishes you tremendous success and encourages you to continue to pursue your goal to becoming a Global Entrepreneur.

If you wish to listen again (or for the first time) the teleconference she did for us on Global Entrepreneurship, login: Playback Dial-in Number: 1-270-400-2003 East Coast Playback Access Code: 340047

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet Matt Wislon

I have networked with people all over the world and one of the most energetic and inspiring people on earth is Matt Wilson.

@MattWilsonTV on Twitter – Matt’s

Matt Wilson graduated Bryant University with a clear goal of starting his own business. While in school, Matt led Bryant University to becoming the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization of the year and became National Student Leader of the Year. After moving home he realized there was a lack of smart, innovative, and ambitious people to communicate with. This is where he began to realize the need to bring all these people together who also decided the corporate happy hour wasn’t going to be good enough.