Sunday, August 8, 2010

Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute Success Story

(WEST OKOBOJI, IA) The Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute is teaching Iowa students how to succeed by offering a week of seminars, mentoring and networking with business leaders. One of them already has a head start on the competition.

"Because we don't have the option to not succeed.

"Tom Bedell co-founded the Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute five years ago after decades as a CEO.

"Don't just hang out. Go for it.

"Now he's teaching the next generation of Iowa business leaders - 32 students from five state colleges and universities.

"It's those special people that execute the ideas that tend to be successful entrepreneurs," says Tom Bedell, Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute.

The institute creates friendships, relationships and mentorships to build student success.

"This week helps each of these students better clarify in their own minds, their own hearts, their own passions, this is the me, this what I want to be, this is what I want to do," says Bedell.

Nick Cash found his passion for computer programming many years ago.

"When I find a new idea, I need to kind of jump on it and go investigate," says Nick Cash, Book Hatchery Founder & CEO.

The UNI junior began designing websites in 6th grade and video games by 8th grade.

"Never in my life, up until this point, did I think, alright I'm 21, I'm going to quit my job and start a company," says Cash.

Cash is the founder and CEO of, helping authors publish books digitally.

"I really just like learning a lot of new things. That's what thrills me," says Cash.

The 21-year-old CEO is already a success story but he still plans to finish college and continue learning.

"The business side of everything is really what's new and so it's great to listen to everybody who has that experience," says Cash.

"You can take that energy and help share with them some skills and some know-how and some connections and all those kinds of things and they'll persevere," says Bedell.

Besides starting his own business, Nick Cash is also one of five finalists nationwide for Entrepreneur Magazine's College Entrepreneur of 2010 contest.

Learn more about Nick's business at

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