Sunday, May 24, 2009

The impotance of having a confidant

By College-Startup

There are times when even the smallest business decisions can bog you down. Should you call the client now or wait a little? Should you send the papers today or tomorrow? Should you open an account in this bank or that? Should you wear a more formal attire in a meeting or is that a bit over-dressed? Although some of them may seem trivial, weighing these queestions can waste valuable hours of your time, especially if you’re not comfortable being in these situations.

If your startup is a one-man operation, and you prefer to work that way, then the trusty pen-and-paper combo can be a big help. Thinking about the pros and cons will tend to get you going in circles. Write things down to make your ideas concrete and your problems clearly defined. It’s easier to evaluate the risks and rewards when you can look at something tangible in front of you. In effect, you are your own confidant, and that’s not as crazy as it sounds. Trust me.

If you already did my suggestion above and you still can decide, talk to someone you trust. It could be your friends, your business partner, an employee, or a mentor. Consult with them one-on-one, via phone, or email - whichever is most convenient. Explain your situation and ask them for their point of view. It’s good if you have someone to bounce off ideas with, more so if that person is readily available when you need them, like your roommate or your best friend.

Quick, confident decisions can only be made once you’re able to study all the angles. Your confidant helps immensely in that department. Sometimes, though, you already know what to do, and all you really need is someone to agree with you.

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