Thursday, June 4, 2009

Help An Entrepreneur Out

Imagine having crowds of entrepreneurs at your fingertips.

Ask your business question and HAEO will publish it in our next newsletter. Our subscriber base of helpful business people will send you answers via email or Twitter.

Got a question? Help An Entrepreneur Out

As an entrepreneur and small business owner we all have questions! Every day there is a new challenge or new technology to learn. HAEO is where you ask those questions. Anything from marketing tips to event info to great books. These answers and resources are what we spend endless hours looking for across the web. Now let the answers come to you via experts on the topics or simply other entrepreneurs who have found the answers before. No longer take on your challenges alone.

Want to get known? Help An Entrepreneur Out

We all want to show off what we know, promote ourselves and find new leads. HAEO provides the easiest all in one platform to do these things. Answer questions from entrepreneurs on the topics you know by quickly scrolling through the newsletter. Show that your content is the best by blowing their minds with your answers and resources. Develop relationships with them so they come to YOU with their questions. Put your knowledge in front of your audience.

For more information on how you can Help An Entrepreneur Out go to .

1 comment:

  1. Derrick, thanks for the post! We are really looking to help every entrepreneur out there.

    Anything we can do to bring people together around entrepreneurship and doing what they love--we're good to go.