Wednesday, July 8, 2009

JUMP for it

“If you had to encourage a college entrepreneur with one word what would it be and why?”


When you are pursuing a start-up, it’s likely just you and a friend or two from school (your co-founders). You guys have nothing to lose; this is likely the point in your life when your monthly overhead to live is the lowest it will be—limited bills, splitting rent with roommates, no major obligations, etc. This is a temporary cost advantage. Capitalize on it. Use this opportunity in assessing risk.

Once you increase your cost of living, the game changes. Once you have a handful of employees, the game changes again.

So jump now. Risk everything, because ‘everything’ isn’t a whole lot.

This may be an unlikely piece of advice in today’s economy. But if you’ve got that entrepreneurial fire, you are going go for it regardless of the economy.

My partner and I founded online study community right after college. We jumped, and we haven’t looked back.

Robert Angarita

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