Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Move Forward Like a Grasshopper

“If you had to encourage a college entrepreneur with one word what would it be and why?”

Several experts responded and were more then willing to give million dollar advice to uplift the student body. One of the highlights of receiving an abundance of influential insight was when I was contacted by Grasshopper. The founders Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser were so inspired by the topic that they set up a conference call to give their ideas over the phone. Siamak and David know what it’s like firsthand to start a business in college to go on to make millions.

Siamak’s word was execute because so many people have a vision but don’t come through with a plan. Especially in college where they think of great ideas but put them on the backburner. David’s word is Now as he feels that there are great opportunities with amazing resources and professors available. Visit their dream by going to

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