Sunday, November 22, 2009

Will Work For Food

WILL WORK FOR FOOD was started 2 years ago by students at the University of Michigan. WILL WORK FOR FOOD's slogan is Volunteering Locally to Save Children Globally. Our aim is to motivate high school and college students to find a any volunteer project of their choosing and someone to sponsor their efforts (family, friend, themselves, corporate, etc). The money that they raise volunteering is given to our affiliates, Doctors Without Borders, to purchase and distribute the nutritional supplement Plump'y nut in areas of need. To date we have raised +$12,000 and have over 700 participants nationwide.

We are close affiliates with Doctors Without Borders, recognized by the Clinton Global Initiatives for Universities, a runner up in the prestigious DELL grant, and the recipient of various Google grants. We have gained media attention across the country for this innovative approach to social and global welfare.

For more information contact myself, follow us on Twitter [@Will_ForFood], and check out our website

Lindsay Canvasser
Director of Public Relations

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