Monday, October 25, 2010

I Slept Through Class and became and Entrepreneur

Hello my name is Ryan Sapp.. I have already started two successful companies. One is a real estate business. The other one is called now a DBA The company has already grown to over 25,000 members at 1,000 universities. The site is based around sharing current online lecture notes, and a variety of other free education resources. I started actively pursing the business world when I was 16. I sold my car and invested in the stock market. I then was able to sell that stock and use it for a down payment on a townhome. I now run both of these companies however, is a lot larger.

Company Name: – previously is an online web 2.0 resource that delivers a constant stream of educational content including lecture notes and social networking services to college students. The site allows students to review past study guides, helps students who struggle with classroom notes, have attention span issues, or don’t understand the concepts of a classroom lecture. The social networking aspect of the site provides the added benefits of group study sessions, question and answer sections, tutoring, job search and real-time blogging.

The WiseCampus platform currently provides services to more than 20,000 college students with scalable growth to 18 million students. We have a unique opportunity to solve a problem and dominate our niche with a unique product. The company has already begun experiencing revenues through targeted niche advertising, sponsorships, premium memberships, data mining and product/service sales.

Our beginning market is the 18.5 million college students that are enrolled in US higher education institutions. Our primary target is the 18-24 year old student demographic who maintain an annual spending power of $206 billion. We have grown at over 2,000 percent already. In the next five years we project we will reach over 6 million students.

In order to maintain our constant growth, which will include hiring new college graduates, acquiring additional server space, creating site advancements and marketing to our demographic, we are diligently seeking an investment to provide us with the necessary leverage.
As most angel investing and venture capital markets are dead right now (especially in the Midwest where we are located) we have had very little success in our year long pursuit of securing a round of financing. Having the opportunity to present to the sharks and get our brand in front of millions of viewers would be a complete invaluable experience for our growing company.

Ryan Sapp,
8070 Casleton Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Work 317-5774995 EXT 121
Cell 317-507-0048

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