Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Launch Your Journey

ENTREPRENEUERS: A specialty chocolate maker, a goat farmer and a mobile mechanic are just a few of the 14 individuals who recently completed the first Flight of Launch, Tulsa Community College’s entrepreneur program, and were celebrated at a reception Aug. 24. Members of the first class are, front row from left, Aaron Ballinger, Equinox Comics; Vanessa Somerville, lot.no.6; Shelley Bedingfield, WALLSTRUCK; Chris Matthies, Powerful Patient Solutions; Richard Vu, ViuCast; Frank Martinez and Walt McDaniel, Online Fundraising.

The TCC Launch program shows aspiring entrepreneurs how to take their startup concept to operating business in 16 weeks. It provides local entrepreneurs the resources and information to create a successful business startup in Tulsa with the hopes of expanding the city’s economic base.

“Oklahoma is one of the most active states for entrepreneurial activity and Tulsa is ranked as one of the best places to start a business,” says Tom McKeon, TCC president. “We are proud to be fostering new business ideas at TCC and in the Launch program. I’m confident these new businesses will influence their communities for years to come.”

The program utilizes local business leaders as thought leaders throughout the 16 weeks to guide the Flight participants through critical steps required to take idea to the marketplace. Sessions include: Building Your Business Model; Understanding Your Market Through Research; Intellectual Property and Building Your Revenue Model. The sessions are held at different locations throughout Tulsa including GableGotwals Law Office, TCC Center for Creativity, and SpiritBank.

“Launch has introduced me to great local business leaders and allowed me to network with them to build strong relationships that will continue to help my business long after my time in the Launch program is over,” says Steven Copley, Launch Flight I participant.

Anyone with a business idea wanting to start a company can apply for Launch. Apply today at www.launchyourejourney.com. For more information, call 918-595-7723, or email questions@launchyourejourney.com.

Article Source: http://www.gtrnews.com/greater-tulsa-reporter/8135/launch-at-tcc

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